-rode the bart into the city really late because i ended up taking a nap in the afternoon
zeitgeist where i heard stories about krishna’s life in boston, and which i thought was really underwhelming for all the hype until i realized there was a giant back outdoor area. didn’t drink anything, but boggled at the string beans on the garnish on paul and krishna’s bloody marys
martuni’s (i got to go to a piano bar with paul hogarth, do you know how awesome that is?) where i had a pineapple martini; the watermelon was better even though someone insulted me for comparing it to a jolly rancher. fucking bitchass alcohol elitists. and then the piano guy said “where have you been all evening? i’m tired… i’m done” so the rest of us didn’t get to sing. maybe next time! also next time i will get an apple martini because that sounds really good.
-crashed on paul’s futon
i really don’t ever go to bars–i am a tuna out of the water there. i don’t know what to do or what to order or what alcohol i even like so i get really awkward. “going to the city” is an alien lifestyle to me. this is code for “judy begs you guys who know more than her naive self to take her out a lot more because she kind of likes getting drunk and lolling about.” /nod

friday: grass fires preceded ryan everywhere he went on public transportation. got trashed with a&a. ryan’s lemongrass syrup is a hit. here is a link for elanor’s benefit: http://www.hangarone.com/recipes_lime.html

saturday: mates of state/spoon/death cab for cutie at the greek theater. i like mates of state more that i’ve seen them live; they didn’t perform the one song that i knew, though. haha. spoon seems like they might have good lyrics, i’ll have to look them up. i honestly didn’t know any death cab for cutie songs (except the one about dripping sorrow out of your heart through a pinhole or something) but they’re good performers. there’s no reason i should not know any death cab songs; connie loved them as well as the postal service and played them all the time. i know ben kweller songs because of connie, so maybe i just didn’t really like death cab so i didn’t pay attention to their songs.

sunday: BART, airBART, waved bye to ryan (the lines for his airline weren’t long, but holy crap the line at southwest was freaking terrible), airBART, BART, sat around at home. frisbee, then ribs with e and i to celebrate my vegetarian boyfriend leaving the state. i also listened to the new vienna teng album the entire day. let me tell you, that album is a downer. man that shit is depressing. except for “city hall,” which i played on repeat for oh, three hours, even though the second oh is too high for me to sing so it just ends up “oh-squeak-oh-squeak-oh me and my baby driving down” and that’s really depressing. my voice is broken. anyway i only realized yesterday that it was about gay marriage. she can write songs involving really weighty social commentary but have it be so lighthearted and happy: that is impressive. it’s a really good song.


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