fireworks in animal crossing!!!

1. When you plug your DS into speakers, the sound is really awesome. These fireworks sound really lifelike! And K.K. Slider’s songs sound great!! It’s a pity the DS speakers are so wimpy… I’m always going to play plugged in to my computer speakers. Earphones are good too!

2. It seems like you can get 10 roman candles/sparklers per character before Tortimer “runs out.” As long as you have fewer than 2 in your inventory, you can get more from him, until he “runs out.” I used two and dropped the rest of mine on the ground all over the rocks near the town hall.

3. I feel sad watching the fireworks, because I know they won’t be there tomorrow. That’s how I feel during real fireworks shows! There’s special town music for it too–it only gets played one evening out of the year, I guess. And these fireworks graphics are only used once a year… I wonder how the composer feels when he’s writing this song and he knows it’ll only be played once a year in the game. How rare! How special this evening is!

4. Tortimer gave me a fortune. He read it from the explosion pattern of the fireworks. At the end, my fortune said “Fortune favors the brave,” which is a line from a song in the Elton John musical Aida. Do you think the localization team saw that musical and put it in as a joke? Or is it some kind of ancient proverb that both Elton John and the ACWW localization team are referencing?


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