Yesterday, at the laundromat, there were a bunch of really loud guys in cowboy hats yelling stuff about broncos and cowgirls and fighting and other tidbits such as “his girlfriend’s ass is as wide as this laundromat, I wouldn’t want to fuck her anyway.” Alex said he heard their southern accents slip once, though, when they said “yeah, don’s back at the dorm.”



    1. huh?

      who said anything about rednecks?

      this is roughly the same as:

      “the other day at the laundromat these guys were yelling in indian accents about the customers at the 7-11, but they let the accents slip”

      “don’t u just love chinese people?”

  1. I’m hoping these weren’t Berkeley students!? But who knows. Laundromats are weird places. Thankfully, I haven’t had to use one for years. And what’s with the popular culture stereotype of the laundromat as a place where hot young people meet to get it on? In my experience, people at laundromats, at least in Berkeley, are usually homeless people and semi-crazy people who try to make awkward conversation with you.

    1. Didn’t you used to use a laundromat when you lived on Dwight Way? Does that make you homeless or semi-crazy?

      (Oh hell, I used to too…. I’m sure I fell into the 2nd category.)

      1. Yes. That’s the one time I had to use a laundromat. It sucked. That whole housing situation couldn’t have been much worse, honestly. How many people can say their landlord illegally extorted money from then, they sued their landlord and their landlord committed suicide?

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