My sister created a “The Defenestrators + Knights of the VegeTable” forum. http://organic.thephoenixfeather.net/forums/index.php

Her friend runs a harry potter fansite.

What do you guys think of the realm transfer, anyway? Four PvE realms (including lightbringer) can transfer to a brand-new PvP realm on new hardware. PvP servers are better, but it’s going to be way overpopulated with alliance, since only alliance would transfer (why would horde from anywhere transfer? The great majority of realms don’t have enough horde–they’d want to stay where they can get two-minute BG queues)… and transfers are scary because they’re a one-time only thing… and we’d have to get it together and all transfer together… I don’t know.

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  1. yeah, the “no going back” part is a bit unsettling. Once you make the transfer, you can’t go back or send yourself stuff from one character to another. If we went went we’d be like, y’know, the orcs.

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