Move over, defenestrate: coruscate is my new favorite word.

Especially as an admonishment. “Now, coruscate! CORUSCATE I SAY! ARE YOU CORUSCATING YET????!”

I should have taken Latin. I should have taken a lot of things. Is there a major were I can just read all kinds of shit but not have to try to come up with original arguments or write shit? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I love reading, I love it so much, I love learning random things about everything under the sun, I just have no original thoughts of my own. I could listen to people talk about shit forever, heck I could talk about shit forever, I just can’t START WRITING GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING ESSAYS


  1. Here’s an idea: record yourself talking about the book for a half hour and then transcribe what you talked about. If you were able to talk and say interesting things for that amount of time, you just created the material for an 8-10 page paper. Usually, grad students & professors do the opposite of that (work up an 8 page paper and then present it at a conference), but maybe the process could work backwards too.

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