On Jan 10, Ryan and I rode the BART in to SF and got in line to get into the Macworld exhibit hall at around… 10:45. After we got in, we found Jer, who’d watched the keynote, and who sent Ryan the text message “mac book pro” while we were in line. We stood at the Mac booth watching the presentation–“You may ask, what’s an Intel chip doing in a Mac? Well, a whole lot more than it’s ever done in a PC (ahyuk!)”–and suddenly the crowd swirled around us. Camera flashes went off everywhere. People with arms raised bearing camera phones like torches surged to the back of the booth. “What going on? What happened?” I said. “It’s him!” said Jer. “It’s Steve!” said Ryan. I said, “Where?” I could just see a few people posing for pictures. The caravan started moving. Steve Jobs stood 2 feet away from us, at which point is entourage couldn’t move anymore due to the cameraphone-wielding masses. Then Steve Jobs smiled at me. ♥


WTF is “Performance per Watt” ?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!????!?!??!! hahaha

Other than the “Intel Core Duo” in the new iMacs and in the new “Mac Book Pro” (whose name Jer and Ryan kept saying to themselves, lamenting the death of Power-), there wasn’t that much to see. For me, anyway. At the gaming section, we saw the lead Mac WoW guy Tigerclaw, who Ryan’s emailed before (“Aaaaah, white ghosties! Aaaaaah, weird texture problems!”)… I said “what’s the new alliance race?!?!” and he said “Panda guys… naw I’m just pulling your leg. They were deciding between three, and they chose one, I just don’t know what it is yet.” Jer and Ryan and I played animal crossing DS for 5 minutes…

La la la



  1. (Fix your HTML! :-))

    Performance per watt is important for low power systems, in how many cycles gets done per watt of power. It’s even more important than pure “how fast can this computer run” when you’re running off of batteries. Sure a computer can run fast but if it takes so much power that it has a battery life of 5 minutes, what’s the use of it? Sometimes that means purposely making the code do something more convoluted and slightly less efficient just to save power. Some projects at my work are big on performance per watt; thank god I’m not on those projects yet.

    According to the Mac tech support forum, the next Mac patch (1.9.3) is going to have the universal binary with Intel code in it. Not that it matters to any of us yet.

    Choosing between panda, draenei, and worgen? (That’s what everyone says on the WoW forums)

      1. Re: the choice

        If Chuck Norris won, he would need to be nerfed, because he would be able to single shot everyone.

        When Chuck Norris found out he wasn’t the new race, he made a single roundhouse kick from his ranch in Texas, and the shockwave it created traveled all the way to Irvine and killed all the WoW developers.

        More Chuck Norris facts can be found at this site.

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