I have never used ebay before. I just lost an auction by two dollars because someone put in a bid with 45 seconds left. For the last 45 seconds I refreshed and thought about bidding higher and decided against it because there are like ten other listings of the same thing with current bids hanging out around twenty dollars less, so I figured I should just wait and snipe one of those. But the difference in the end was four dollars (the two dollars the other guy sniped me for, and the two dollars it would have taken for me to snipe him). In WoW, I would probably just snipe away, because gold = time, and what’s like 2g or 15g compared to spending 5 hours to farm something yourself? Would it have been worth it to have peace of mind and not have to think about this for the next eight hours straight for four more dollars? Yes. It just feels so dumb to snipe while I could go for other auctions (yeah and ultimately lose them too), and mean to boot. I’m just not competitive enough for this world.

In the US, the pink was only available as a special nintendogs bundle for $150.00 from two retailers: Target and ToysRUs. They are sold out everywhere, and all of the ended auctions are going for at least $180. Technically, I could go to EBgames on Shattuck (perhaps) and buy a TEAL nintendogs bundle for $150, since the TEAL one is available at retailers other than Target and ToysRUs and it appears that they made more teal ones than pink ones (or demand for pink ones was higher), but I have somehow convinced myself that the pink is worth the $30 extra + the time and effort required to watch auctions on ebay + not being able to buy a warranty or exchange if there’s a dead pixel. Wow. When I put it this way, I realize just how retarded I am. Wow. I’m pretty stupid. Oh well I haven’t won any auctions yet.

The other option is to buy a pink DS from Japan by itself. However, the lowest auction of a Japan-pink DS I’ve seen is for 139.99, which appears to be good because 139 + (the $30 it would take to buy nintendogs seperately anyway) = 169, which is less than 180… BUT the ones for 139.99 all have $20 shipping AND california sales tax, while there are PLENTY of ongoing auctions of the US nintendogs pink bundle that are cheaper (even after shipping) than 203.19 (173.19 for the DS, + 30 to buy the nintendogs game seperately). So this is how I have justified bidding up to 180 dollars on a pink US nintendogs bundle: because after buying nintendogs it is cheaper than the cheapest pink non-bundle DSes available. Then again what I will really end up paying is 190 dollars after shipping, which is STILL less than the 203, just, you know, LESS less. If you know what I mean. 180 is more less than 203 than 190 is. Hahahahahahahaha

Oh yeah. The US version of pink is “Pearl pink” and has black buttons. The Japan version is “Candy pink” and has white buttons but is otherwise identical (I think).

Now I understand why you need to wait until the last 45 seconds to submit your highest bid, even though eBay says all over its pages “Just enter your max bid” … because if you give them time, other people will think “oh what’s two dollars?” and snipe you. And if you wait, then you will get sniped (or snipe) fewer times, so you’ll end up having to pay less.

I should have just sniped that one for four more dollars. Then I could be doing something that REALLY matters instead of pressing refresh and wading lost in a sea of firefox tabs, like… farming reputation for a winterspring mount.


  1. I use eSnipe to put in literally last second bids. It’s not free, but it saves you money in the long run. (1 cent per dollar on the amount you win by, cost only gets deducted if you win.)

    OMG…. you’re using the real life AH….

    1. I agree with that statement, but I must say that finding a good deal on ebay is a lot easier nowadays. In fact, some of the best deals I’ve gotten in my online shopping days have been on ebay! The only drawback is that it takes so much damn time!

      And on a side note:
      I just bought a PURE WHITE NINTENDO DS on ebay this morning! MARIO KART ROCKS! G’luck Judy! We can be DS buddies soon!

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