It’s tempting to do this for blizzcon


Maybe I’ll be a skanky ho night elf instead

Skanky ho tauren?

Skanky ho abomination?

Skanky ho MOONKIN????

The possibilities are endless


    1. Re: oh come on…

      i didn’t.

      *clearly,* your immediate association of “shapely blonds in vaguely tattered green midriff” with “murloc” belies a dark, hidden way of viewing our slimy gurgly friends. CONFESS!

    2. Re: do i notice a pattern?

      yah, i went home, where i do not really have my own computer, and where i do have a mother. i can borrow r’s laptop, but it is not optimal for the playing of WoW for it is lagtastic to the highest degree.

      7 agi boots 4 u omg!

  1. it’s sad when you have to carry around a murloc so people know what you’re trying to be. oh wait, she was just trying to be skanky. nevermind, then.

      1. lol… in junior high I used to draw this comic strip about mutant space cows that evolved into a play my friends and I did for this thing called ‘odyssey of the mind’ (that doesn’t sound nerdy in the least, yeh? haha). for the play, two of us had to dress up as mutant space cows. one of the girls in our group could sew really well and she made these really cute costumes that were like white dresses with black felt spots and pink felt udders stuffed with cotton. we also had cow bells and hats with cow ears. and since we spent so many months working on this, we all kind of got cow-crazy.

        1. yes… also… when i was a lowly 9th grader, i took oral composition. we had older kids who TAed for us. one of these older kids was laura. sometimes, she demoed her routines for us (i guess you don’t call them “routines” in speech and debate, really, but you forgive me, right?). was it a comedic duo? was your partner olivia? i can’t remember… anyway, there was something about cows, on another planet, and michael jackson being the king of pop, and laura impersonating michael jackson, and then the line “no, not the king of pop, i said the king of [something else that rhymes with _op].”

          now, I remember that segment for two reasons. 1) when you first meet laura, you may not expect her to jump into a full-fledged michael jackson impersonation and may be tickled pink when she does. 2) i did not know that michael jackson was known as “the king of pop” and felt shame for having such gaping holes in my knowledge of popular culture.

          The end.

    1. i think skanky doomguard wins the prize. how would that even work? doomguard batting long eyelashes? doomguard in bikini? doomguard folding his wings coquettishly? what a realm of possibilities that has opened before our eyes

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