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3)How do issues present in an urban community affect students, families, and schools?

Uh, I dunno.


  1. Lemme write the answer… 😛

    Many distractions present to keep kids from studying, poverty in many urban communities forces parents to work long hours and not be as active of parents in their childrens’ lives, urban schools funded by low property taxes do not have the money to keep the best/most experienced teachers leading to revolving door of n00bie teachers, “typical” attitudes of students in urban environments discourage studying in favor of social/other activities.

    1. Moreover, you may experience more issues of race and diversity than in a rural or suburban school. This could have both positive and negative implications (i.e. exposure to multiple cultures, but also there could be issues of cultural tension, racism, stereotyping, racial violence, etc. etc.)

  2. Violence in the community – present in some urban areas – can lead to general fear, distrust of authority, or possible violent coping strategies on the parts of the students themselves.

  3. Students may draw on a set of life experiences to make inferences about their work and their world that is different from the set of experiences assumed by those in power (teachers, principals, test makers). (For example, a student might be asked to describe an experience with live theater, when the student has never seen a play, even on TV. The student then latches onto the word “live” and interprets the question based only on that word<
    >) This can affect students’ self-esteem and the way they are perceived as successful or unsuccessful by others.

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