1. Hi, I’m Frank, and I know you indirectly through Alex Wong’s old journal. I’m interested in upgrading at Flickr, and happened to see your post. Was it a Flickr option to post multiple photos like that? I was under the impression I could only blog one at a time. Thanks!

    1. Hi Frank =)

      Though I’ve used the “post to blog from Flickr” feature in other posts, I posted these WoW screenshots “manually.”

      Flickr automatically resizes photos. If you click on “all sizes” at a Flickr photo page, it’ll bring you to a page where you can browse the different sizes, like http://www.flickr.com/photo_zoom.gne?id=36119912&context=set-798777&size=l

      After you choose the size you want, and scroll down, it says: To link to this photo on other websites you can either: 1. Grab the photo’s URL, or
      2. Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage, with text that you can simply copy and paste (which is what I did, picture by picture). The HTML in the box will show the picture and make the picture a link to its flickr photo page.

      I like Flickr =) And you don’t have to buy a pro account to use those features. The only things you gain when you buy a pro account are unlimited photos (without pro, you can have 200 show up in your “photostream,” though your pictures will still be there, just not easily navigated to unless you’ve saved each photo’s link somewhere), and more bandwidth per month.

      …and where does Alex do this internetish stuff nowadays, anyway, if he still does? =)

      1. Thanks! That helps a lot, I’ll give it a shot…As for the internet, I know Alex was into WoW when it first came out, but I think he got a little busy. I did a little bit too, but time seems to keep running away.

        I’m pretty sure I met you briefly when I was Alex some time in the past (I usually ran into a lot of people when I was with him), but if not, definitely in an infamous A&A movie. Just trying to establish some real contact, so as not to be a stalker or anything! But anyway, thanks again for the Flickr assistance. If/when I ever get a blog up and running, I’ll be using it at frank144.fatcow.com/blog/…

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