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i am a flickr addict. here are 42 yosemite pictures. later i will add a few more from my sister’s camera that i took after i ran out of space. although there is nothing here any of you have not seen before and better, photos are still fun. yes, we left at 5:45am this morning (twas still dark!) and got back home at 11:30pm. anyone else up for a day-trip to yosemite anytime soon? cuz i want to go back all the time.

very rough sketch of what we did:
10am: got into park via 120. first stop: bridalveil falls
11am: left car in day-park lot, looked around lodge store, got on bus
12 or so: walked around lower yosemite falls. got this fantastic shot of a butterfly.
1pm: ate at cafeteria at the lodge
2pm: got on bus, looked around at curry village to check out prices of bikes (7.50/hr) and rafts (13.50/adult); got on bus again, got off at happy isles
3:30pm: decided not to hike up vernal falls. drove up to glacier point instead
5pm: got up to glacier point. man… i love that view. ate a popsicle.
6:15pm: while leaving park, spent a few minutes looking for and very excitedly pointing out to others the locations of mountain climbers 2/3s the way up El Capitan. they are crazies. left via 140.
8pm: after driving out of the mountains, ate at burger king in men… mar… m something-that-is-not-merced. mariposa?
sometime later: went south on 99 instead of north at merced… went past “chowchilla” … laughed at name of town… went back west on 152 and through los banos… through gilroy where we smelled garlic… got home at 11:30.

what i wish to do next time: hike. i think top of vernal falls could easily be done along with other stuff in a day trip. at some point i’d be interested in a half-dome expedition (i’d have to like, train for it hahaha), but that would require staying there at least one night. or a driver who didn’t hike it. haha.


  1. Oh oh oh! Next time take me!

    Hey Alangelorge, come along! I have 2 vacation days remaining even after the Eurotrip…. a Monday/Tuesday trip?

    One of my minor reasons for picking Cal was it’s proximity to Yosemite, which I wanted to visit again since my middle school trip there. I never have gone back yet. Grr.

  2. I’m very interested in another trip to Yosemite.. but I’d prefer someone else drove.

    My luck with driving to Yosemite is terrible (it never takes less than 7 hours).

    Let me know!

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