I bought curtains from Ikea and a tension-rod from Target (I’d acquired the rod a month and a half ago). The curtains are red in my mind, but in reality they are pink. I see them as red because they were displayed with yellow and blue ones of the same style, and red goes with yellow and blue, not pink. At any rate, there are whitish bits in the weave. It was when I felt a strong pull toward the red (pink) that I realized that I just really like weave that is mostly red with a bit of white. No, not striped like a Dr. Seuss scarf, but white interspersed sparsly among the red. I feel like “interspersed sparsly” feels funny because they are both words that come from some kind of root-word “sparse” or something so it feels redundant. Anyway, there is a red and white sweater-jacket I bought from Wet Seal when I went with Shirley when I was a freshman that I absolutely adored but everybody told me it was ugly so I stopped wearing it. And my teddy bear Pinky wears a red and white sweater-vest that nai nai (paternal grandmother) knitted becuase she had some yarn left over after knitting identical sweater-vests for me and my brother. My brother and me. They had pockets that my hands fit in, just so. [Edit: after looking them up on Ikea, I found that their official color is Light Red. So I am not crazy)

Anyway the tension rod (whether dashed or not, I don’t know) is too weak to hold up my curtains, which are actually pretty heavy, becuase what’s the point of getting a bunch of cloth to hide your ugly closet-mess if it doesn’t actually hide your closet-mess? But now I wish I’d gotten the $15 wilma. Or wtf? I should have got blenda. I hate Ikea. I love Ikea.

I am very excited about the prospect of a new guild alliance. It is called LAG: Loose Alliance of Guilds. This is perfect for a small guild like us who want to form relationships with a larger pool of players and do high end raids with each other without having to disband our guild or merge into some other guild, and without having to resort to pickup raids or begging to be invited along to other guild’s raids. They seem like a competent, fun group of people, or at least the leaders do. Some of the others toss around the words “gay” and “faggot,” which I have ABSOLUTELY NO TOLERANCE FOR. I HATE IT. For example, I tried partying with Roivas yesterday for the first time since the 2nd day of beta and we were level 7, because he saw me in IF and said “you need better gear” so I said “ok, then take me to DM” (where I got tanglemoss leggings and a new neck and the priest book for Allinda; what we were there for, Mindtap Talisman, didn’t drop once. Sad) He brought his dwarven priest friend Molylock. Usually dwarven priests are a cheery, wisecracking breed. One of my favorites was one I grouped with for 5-man scholo, and at one point he sat down in one of those circles of skeletons and said in /say “How’s it hangin guys.” Ok, I guess you had to be there. But to Molylock, everything was gay or a faggot. So I’ve decided to steer clear of him because I just don’t like him. Roivas is loopy (“Astix eats babies. You stab like a girl. WHO IS THE KING OF THE VEGETABLES????) but at least he’s funny and doesn’t use “gay.” I’ve tried asking people who use it on general chat to stop and ended up arguing with them for half an hour. Them: “Why do you not like it?” Me: “Because homophobia is bad.” Them: “Whatever, I know gay people and I’m not homophobic. I say it because it has entered the language of American slang. It doesn’t mean ‘derogatory to homosexuals’ anymore because its usage is so common. Why do you care so much anyway? How does it hurt you? Unless you are gay? My gf says she doesn’t like it cuz she’s afraid it’ll offend her gay friends. Is that what you think? That it’ll offend gay people? Isn’t that a bit homophobic of you, to assume that they’ll be offended by it? How do YOU know what they’re offeded by if YOU’RE not gay?” Me: “No, I’m not telling you to stop because I’m ‘afraid’ that there’s a gay person reading general chat who will be offended. I am telling you to stop because I am offended” and so on and so forth. Also, I argued with someone in Felwood general chat to try to get him to stop talking about bombing China. It started because he kept saying “ni hao Chinese people get the fuck off my server” and people were laughing. It wasn’t me who first engaged him, it was someone else who said “isn’t that a tad bit racist?” So I said “you mean gold farmers in general, not Chinese people.” He said “No, I mean Chinese people. Hahaha” and a bunch of other people laughed. He said “Name one Chinese person who isn’t a gold farmer” and as I said “me,” he said “and not the ones in America, they don’t count. I want to bomb China. Hey, look what they did to Pearl Harbor.” To this I said, “The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.” To this he said, “Oh? Then why did WE drop the bomb on CHINA? huh? HUH? Oh sorry that was last night in my dreams. Hai! I farm gold! Tanks! Bai bai now!” At which point I said “Please never talk about bombing China in general chat again, as it is offensive.” He said, “Oh come on you know we’re just having our fun,” at which point I gave up. Then a few furbolg kills later he said “You know why I can’t respect them? They don’t even have cuss words in their language.” To which I had to say, although I’d given up, “How can you say that? Of course there are swear words in Chinese” as he said “Still you Arala? and bitch doesn’t count” to which I said “Do you even speak Chinese?” to which he answered “I speak enough” at which point I really gave up, becuase OBVIOUSLY he didn’t speak enough (hell I don’t speak enough to know real cuss words but FUCKING MOTHERFUCKER I KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT CHINESE TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE MOTHERFUCKING CUSS WORDS IN THE MOTHERFUCKING LANGUAGE YOU FUCKING ASS DOG), and there was nothing I could do. I reported him to a GM for talking about bombing China. Too bad I don’t remember his name and I didn’t ignore him on the spot and I didn’t write down his name or anything so I know to avoid him in the future. I don’t even remember his guild name. I was going to /w his guild leader and tell him to reprimand him and get him to understand that “chinese = farmer and farmer = chinese and talking about hate crimes vs china as a joke is really funny” IS NOT FUCKING OK, but I didn’t because I gave up. I can’t change the world. I can’t do anything. I am utterly helpless.


In beta Amalya’s husband was online once (as a girl character) and someone who didn’t know who he was called him a she in guild chat, to which he replied “She? Are you callin my wife a lezzy?” And I was like, wtf “lezzy”? I’ve never even HEARD that one before. Also (and this is unrelated to hating 12 year old xenophobic homophobes), there are a lot of people in the armed forces or retired from the armed forces who play WoW. They say things like “I’ll give him KD” and we say “KD?” and someone says “LOL I haven’t done that since I was a private” and someone else explains “kitchen duty, it’s a military thing.” Maybe the percentage of people who are in the military is the same in general as it is among people who play WoW but I just never interacted with them before, since in WoW everybody interacts with everybody. MMOs are the great equalizer.


  1. This is what I got out of your post:

    “IKEA Shirley dwarven priests homophobia Chinese people ass dog hate crimes kitchen duty
    Thus, MMOs are the great equalizer.”

  2. a lot of people on irc and any other program are just stupid. anonnymity lets people say lots of stuff, without fear of reprisal. ignore them.

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