bell tower cuz it was nothing much… it was impossible–for most of her heart and throws it in again, which I found from mily_name i like this one kind of random, because there were dragons on the Yangtze River (the Chinese think that all Americans are white with blond hair, because of Joan and etc I went through the 3 gorges area is home to America! Last week I didn’t live in the forest with those ampliflying things singing for us it’s just normal, but like for other families that have lived in the classroom, and they’d send me

text. Same thing. But… again, printing a test page from the top of a meaning section and a guy sitting next to this internet cafe now… OMFG it’s so hot here in chongching, it’s not because of ink. 3) Today, I tried printing… with the conversation topic. I click “post” in a pit to the LAST thing I understood when we got on another bus. Then 15 minutes later we got back to visit… I told Ryan that if you hear that???” to the hotel in Guangzhou about my family tree, and told us about the holidays. Mine is Thanksgiving.

at 6:30am and met a guy sitting next to the top, where the lightning hit our plane and stuff… it’s very different. But what pride! I was like, I guess that’s true. But he never flounced up to me and said “at least it wasn’t the san francisco police. they woulda taken you downstairs. you dont go messin wit the police boy.” 12. Got sent back upstairs to get it before they came and that brings me to find that we were ordered to go there. (My mother’s family is from Shaanxi, so it’ll be relaxing for me. ———- Yar.

ordered to go on a hill. Like, it really usually is, but sometimes it is, in the shade a lot of languages to know fluently. He was terribly mean, even before he found out that R had a 39.6 degree fever =P but I’m miserable right now. 1. I’m stressed because I didn’t mention yet was that the Ming dynasty. I think. Tuesday, July 6: Can’t remember anything. Lesson was on airport words. On Tuesday or Wednesday I brought in some lungs, and some interactive things where you see Hero? Same director. No subtlety there, either (candles that show what

to explain, in chinese dictionaries, you’ll have the tickets on him, so we could get a birds’ eye view of everything. 3) Then we got off the little boat and then in Yichang too, and then dropped the course, but still. I totally do not speak the same language that they hadn’t learned tenses yet, making book 3 obviously too difficult for them

But watching her live a lot of ways. new word? ok, make it up out of 55 questions on the third day was very bad. We ended up not eating anything… and throwing up in the sense that a boat cruise tickets and told us about the terracotta warriors area is home to America. I am very excited too. That goes without saying.) I am taking one online class via Foothill College. Intro to the gigantic rectangular pit and stare at the post office. I really want an ipod. A lot. The terracotta warriors place. The terracotta warriors place. The

I think my favorite was “On Tuesday or Wednesday I brought in some lungs.” And “—-Yar” was pretty good too.


  1. I should change my livejournal’s title to “corporation report/music & movie review.” Since I just rode my bike across the bike bridge and to the previous song, and the volume controls adjust the actual volume of the blue wire, the computer takes just that extra bit longer to load the sensitive data onto the removable media du jour. Not that I am in the Valley , a smattering of runners, and a pounding of the VegeTable, took a photo. From left: Rutabaga (Mike), Shinseiki (Me), Bokchoy (George), Pomegranate (Judy), Muskmelon (John, Alan’s brother), Haw (Angela), Daikon (Alan) So Fiona Apple recorded a new book by one of the Mac. There’s an amazing video here: Mac intro . Our guild, Knights of the iPod. Most cassette adapters simply allow the device to be played through the cassette deck. I saw a lot of cool things. Talked to Panic about a new digital camera, and I didn’t have to say it’s a. am i to believe a good place to go running and biking more in the dumpster, but, more poignantly, I am ethically in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge again. The vote is going down TODAY. This link has the most up to date info. Please call swing state Senators and do what it takes to prevent this from happening. 6/104634/925 Straight from The Master Key, by L. Frank Baum, more famous for The Wizard of Oz: One thing, however, he should have remembered: that he was in an ancient and little known part of Mac OS 8. Amazing stuff. The Graphing Calculator Story …

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