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New Gadget Prevents Laptop-Induced Infertility in Men; X-Files Actor
Invents Patented Solution

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)—-As the X-Files science fiction TV character
Langly, actor Dean Haglund is the familiar face of everyone’s favorite
techno-geek. In a case where fact isn’t far removed from fiction, Haglund
is also the face behind his own techno-geek invention, the “Chill Pak.”
Haglund recently patented the Chill Pak, a cooling system for computer
laptops, which were identified in a study last week as the culprits behind
lowering sperm counts in men.

Haglund’s Chill Pak is a freezable mat designed for placement beneath a
laptop to cool the CPU (Central Processing Unit), which tends to overheat
when users run today’s computer programs. Not only does this cooling action
allow the laptop to run faster and more smoothly, it also prevents the
overheating attributed to male infertility. The Chill Pak is encased in a
condensation-free material to protect the electronics from moisture.

Haglund inadvertently discovered this innovation while recovering from
a knee injury. Haglund recalls, “I was watching a movie on my laptop, and
it kept locking up on me. The ice pack protecting my knee injury
accidentally slid underneath my laptop, and the movie immediately began
playing, trouble-free. I realized the cooling action of the ice pack was
the key.” Haglund immediately launched his Chill Pak invention through his
own company Geek Chic, which is scheduled for beta-testing with Time Warner
Cable employees nationwide. The Chill Pak retails for an affordable $19.95
and can be personalized with corporate logos.

A stand-up comedian as well as an actor, Haglund’s quick humor is found
in Chill Pak’s slogan: “A laptop without a Chill Pak is like a techno-geek
without corrective shoes…it runs, but not as fast.” Haglund currently has
two additional computer products in development under his own Geek Chic label.

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  1. hey judy, don’t know if you remember me but i was at derek’s birthday when you showed us WoW. i was just wondering what server you were on. i have a 38 pally on spinebreaker (pvp).

    1. hey evan. hehe. my mains are alliance on lightbringer (pve)–41 druid, 40 warlock, 27 warrior. i have a baby pally on dragonmaw that i rarely play, heh. tell me if you ever feel like starting a horde character–there are some people in my lord of the rings decal who started horde characters recently, so i might jump in with them, too, at some point, since i’ve never played any horde character past level 10. i forgot what server they’re on, though.

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