fone fun (take that, nabokov)

i have a new phone. lg vx 6000 (review written by ryan’s friend who works at a magazine on… games on cell phones. amazing).

no games yet, but there is a camera, and today i recieved this cable i bought online that goes from my phone to my computer (though not very well; the goddamn program keeps throwing exceptions at me).

a lily on the windowsill at home in sj
jill and mike in front of kingpin
angela in the dark
alan, also in the dark
tom, who will pomp yoo op

last three taken by misterroboto at his/lemmingsolution (and two others)’s housewarming party where rwclark and i brought marinated mushrooms and eggplant and saw andeja, alan, suzanne (LOSER ALERT: NO LJ I CAN LJ USER-LINK TO), and mbarrien.

we grilled things, became cold outside, had a tour of the house, said good night to lisa, listened to their jazz pianist housemate expound on his fantasies of becoming famous for his melodica playing or at least mentioned for fifteen seconds in somebody else’s tv special, drank diet barq’s root beer (“it has nibble”), jumped in the kitchen, compared our feet, put ourselves on a heap on their sofa, and other such things that one would expect at any gathering of the sort. i wish i had taken more pictures. i ought to take pictures everywhere i go.


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