For those interested, is taking pre-orders for its upcoming
Mulder, Scully and CSM figurines:

Yes, X-Filers, Cigarette Smoking Man is now available for pre-order. This
figure has over 30 points of articulation and is equipped with a sniper
rifle/tripod, cigarette, cigarette pack and a 12 inch figure display stand with
X-Files logo. The first 500 customers to order directly from our site will
receive a bonus SIDESHOW EXCLUSIVE accessory: a Trench coat!

+ URL:

As agents of the FBI, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are dedicated to
investigating cases involving the paranormal, supernatural, extraterrestrial,
and the
unexplained. Together, they work to solve or explain the strange cases known as
The X-Files. The first 750 customers to order directly from our web site will
receive a bonus SIDESHOW EXCLUSIVE accessory with each figure: an FBI Jacket!
These limited edition 12″ figures can be pre-ordered from the following the

+ Mulder URL:
+ Scully URL:


  1. Whereas I only watched my first complete X-Files episode ever just last night. (I’d watched bits of episodes before, and even a couple almost all the way through.)

    1. OMG!!!!!!

      Which one?!?!?!

      In Nabokov, the prof went off on a tangent on wanting to compile a list on a webpage of all the movies that have that gimmick where two people are talking on the phone and there’s a split screen. The girl next to me said “Bye Bye Birdie” and he said “thanks!” and wrote it down. I said “They spoof that in an X-files episode.” He said, “That’ll probably be harder to find.” I would have said “Actually, the episode is called Hollywood AD” but I think people already thought I was scary, so I didn’t. But one of these days I’m going to get a hold of the clip and go to his office hours with it. OMG it’s the funniest thing ever. They’re all taking bubble baths and lying about it. Wahaha.

      1. That’s hilarious.

        Which one?!?!?!

        I don’t know the episode title, but it’s the one where Mulder gets transported back to a cruise ship during WWII. showed it to me because a couple of weeks ago “Angel” had a WWII episode, and from the teasers the previous week she thought it was going to be a complete X-Files ripoff. It wasn’t, of course, but since she’d mentioned it, I then had to see it. And it was very good, indeed.

        1. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! YOU SAW TRIANGLE! THAT’S THE BEST EVER! (well along with a bunch of other ones)

          OMG I LOVE THAT ONE!

          I can play that love theme at the end on the piano.

          They filmed it with realtime superlong shots, 4 minutes each, so it was really hard. OMG!

          1. They filmed it with realtime superlong shots, 4 minutes each,

            Apparently it was a tribute to a Hitchcock film. But now I’ve forgotten which one. Basically, since they never cut, they just use the film until it runs out; if they need to change it, they pan to a dark spot (like a shadowed wall) so that the change isn’t noticed.

            This is the sort of trivia I get for watching things with , who a) knows lots about film and b) is a major X-Phile.

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