Today, I am happy. I woke up involuntarily sometime between 4 and 5. Connie dragged me to yoga for the first time. I like yoga. I decided I’d go to radio shack and get an extension cable for my earphones, but when I went there it was 8:30 or so and it didn’t open till 9. So I wandered down shattuck and found myself, suddenly, at Berkeley Bowl. Well, I might as well procure some bread, I thought to myself. Did you know that a crowd forms outside the doors of Berkeley Bowl at 8:50am? Crazy. Parking lot completely full. Line of shopping carts. And when you’re finally let in, everyone rushes in like… like… the first hundred people get a free Coke or something. Anyway, I emulated the rwclarkster and got cheese to go on my bread. And then at Radio Shack (hmm, inconsistent capitalization scheme) I successfully acquired an 8-ft extension cable as well as a stereo y-cable so I won’t have to reach down and unplug things, yay laziness.

Everything’s fine in the morning.

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