1. i got this email (but the not the virus, good ole norton):

seems pretty new. ah yes symantec security response documents it as being discovered on feb 3 2004, but another site documents symantec as updating its virus definitions on jan 26 04 for “intelligent updater” and jan 28 for liveupdate. haha. SYMANTEC LIES! …………………[edit 11:47] actually the two websites are talking about different versions of the same worm. i guess symantec doesn’t lie after all.

monitors keystrokes at a certain website, opens a network port, saves everything you put on your clipboard, scours your computer for .html and etc files to look for email addresses there… wow, talk about throrough. but the best part of this virus: its attachment is a .zip file that has a .exe inside it named “myphoto.jpg [36 spaces here] .exe” so people think it’s a jpg hahaha

2. does radioactive halibut make fission chips?

3. sproul today with 19 people was fun. better than expected i thought.

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