how ’bout the power to kill a yak
from 200 yards away
with MIND BULLETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Four items:

    1) I really love your LJ format… it’s great, especially the poem. I wish I could do that! Do you have to be a paid user to do so?

    2) I hope your Christmas break is going well thus far.

    3) I’m trying to arrange some songs… it’s pretty hard. Can you answer me one question? Altos and sopranos sing in low C and it sounds pretty high just because their voices are high, right? Last time I tried writing a soprano part in high C and Angela and Alan told me that that would be very hard to sustain.

    4) Do you have an LJ authorization code you can spare me? One of my friends wants to join in on the fun, but being a mere free user, I have but one code to give (which I already did).

    Thanks! Merry Christmas!

    ~ Joon

    1. Hey Joon!!

      1) Thanks! I love it too. I’m using the s2 style system. To change your style to s2, click on “manage” and … yeah. Then you can preview and select a layout, a color scheme, and then customize other stuff (like… more tweaking of colors, or how many posts show up on your friends page before you click back, or the distance between lines of text, or… anything really). The “poem” is the “free text area,” and you can have whatever heading you want for it. Yup. You’ll see it all in “customize.” Yeah, free users can totally use s2. Paid users get to code their own styles, but that’s too hardcore for me. haha

      2) It’s going ok. I’m at Ryan’s house right now. He says it’s supposed to snow soon, or something (!!)

      3) Umm… you mean middle C, right? I don’t think it sounds high, not really. Er… which high C did you mean? Cuz the C above middle C wouldn’t be hard to sustain, for sops and altos. The C above the C above middle C, however, would be utter and complete torture, unless it was for a really short time… like, really short. =) And we can’t even reach the C below middle C (which is what I thought you meant by low C).

      4) They stopped requiring codes! =)

      Merry Christmas to you too yo =)

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