you know what you should do? you should go to decadence’s semester concert. on tuesday, december 2 (that’s tomorrow), 7pm, 125 morrison, free.

you know what else you should do? go to u chorus’ noon christmas concert. on wednesday, december 3 (that’s two days from today), 12noon, at the auditorium in the ihouse. i got a mini-solo-that’s-actually-a-duet-thing. so you should come hear me.

you know what _else_ you should do? buy decadence’s cd. http://decadence.berkeley.edu/albums.html to listen to clips and preorder. the duplicated CDs are supposed to arrive from the duplication company (in canada) any day now. so you should order it.

you really should.


you know what i should do? not fail out of school


    1. Re: If we can’t be there to watch it, we can count on the Daily Cal to take photos for us…

      hahaha yes. i love how you can see just how bad my posture is. but it’s not my fault! we were really cramped up there! and i was taller than the people standing near me, AND i was in the first row! the music folders of the people next to me interfered with mine, so i had to hold mine lower, AND there was poor light, so i coudln’t see it! hehe. and why am i the only one in the whole chorus that’s smiling? why WAS i smiling anyway?

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