ok, see, i know i’ve been posting a lot of links, but…


this is hilarious. this is astounding. this is pathetic. this is the concept of ddr… but applied to piano. i cannot believe it. i cannot believe that someone came up with this idea in the first place, got a company to make the machine for it, got people to program songs into it. and i cannot believe that someone is a virtuouso at this thing. i am in awe. i am in shock. i am in shock and awe. is this something to applaud, a talent, an ability to wire the brain in any way imaginable? or is it something to deplore, evidence of the utter and total commercialization of everything, even… classical piano?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

only time will tell. time, the great arbiter, the monumental force pushing us through the centures, through the baroque, classical, romantic and contemporary eras, the drift and pull of the ages producing ever greater and lesser works of art. is this it, then? the culmination of the millennia? an arcade game?


    1. nuts! i’m going to the bearcade!

      yeah, i saw the box for karaoke revolution when i visited at ebgames. it comes with a microphone and everything. the box said “over 36 songs!” and had really recent stuff, like michelle branch’s “are you happy now.”

  1. That’s it! That’s all pianos need to get kids interested again; flashing lights and graphics.

    Why don’t they just give the poor kid a keyboard? His palms must be smarting!

    1. i wonder if he can play piano. i wonder if he knows/recognizes the mishmash of the pieces he’s playing. and it’s close to piano… but it’s also not quite like piano (obvoiusly), because, well, yeah, you don’t smack anything with your palms while playing a piano, unless you’re ben folds and you rock, in which case you also use your elbows and your piano bench. hahaha

      1. I doubt it. He probably recognizes the pieces though. They’re pretty well-known. It’s sad that the device doesn’t actually conform to a keyboard; he might be able to migrate his tremendous facility with those buttons to something he could do at home, for free.

        Ben Folds used his bench?

  2. Why is this entry wider than all the rest? It has single-handed caused by friends page to become extra-wide, requiring me to scroll from side to side to read the entries. Is this some kind of livejournal bug?

        1. I’m coming back today; I’m not sure when, but I’d love to play! There’s some of those hard persimmons at my house so I’ll bring some back for you, but I better see you so I can give them to you, since I’m rather unenthusiastic about them.

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