yesterday, i had a u chorus rehearsal and didn’t tell anyone. lack of planning made it so that a&a left before i finished figuring out if i was going to join them, and therefore i am Supreme Lameness because if i had figured out three hours before that i wasn’t going, ryan would have driven down. so he will come to the bay area today. so i drew on my face with eyeliner and this crappy blue glittery stuff i’ve had from halloween concert last year that was really greasy and put on purple pants and voila, night elf. i wish i got pictures of myself. i went to lordkrishna‘s party where i only know one other person (hi berkeleyjew!) and we played a few abortive rounds of taboo, ate hershey’s kisses, and solved mathish-logicish puzzles. with infinitely intelligent pirates. and smurfs with black or white hats. and then k and i and a guy whose name is not brandon went to happy donuts, where we were happy because we got free donut holes.



          1. rawr.

            oh! that is a book! for a while in high school, there was this weird middle-aged guy who hung out on the sidewalk near our school and passed out bibles that were that size

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