i mean, beansing.

tried making a poll. visions wont let me post code i typed in myself, so i tried http://www.livejournal.com/poll/create.bml but it doesn’t work. sadness. so i asked a question! http://www.livejournal.com/support/see_request.bml?id=166991

i like how prof flight keeps telling us how wonderful we sound. it makes us feel loved. today we ran the “big brahms” for the first time (concert on sunday! 3pm first cong. church (corner of dana and channing)) and he was like, “i won’t say a word!” then 30 seconds into it he says “nice!!!” appreciatively. he’s so cute!

i played with two kittens today! KITTENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sneeze sneeze sneeze itch.

i go through phases of rabid lj updating.

somebody please play settlers with me. or warcraft. oh wait, school? what’s that?


  1. i like how prof flight keeps telling us how wonderful we sound.

    And usually I believe him, too. 😉

    today we ran the “big brahms”

    Which is a good thing, ’cause I hate the little Brahms.

    1. alas, i do not have the expansion pack either. so i don’t know. i imagine that it just has some more tiles and cards so that it can accommodate two more people. or something. aren’t there other “expansion packs” too, like ones that add islands/the sea and stuff? or something?


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