birthday, ucce halloween concert, annie’s wushu performance

wednesday–after people left for a bar, rwclark, andeja, alan, flyingbear and i played curses! i have newly acquired lies and the lying liars who tell them and life of pi (thanks r!), and ALL FOUR war3 mousepads from korea (thanks g!).

friday–ucce halloween concert! i love decadence! we’re hot! i wore my brother’s tux (he has one because it was required dress for his university chorus at san jose state… why don’t we have that?!) and the buttons were my favorite part. the boys were all dolled up in drag and it was super awesome. mike wore lisa(newLisa)’s prom dress and was all fussy about hair and makeup and kept saying “come on, this is my PROM! i want it to be PERFECT!” and bret had this many-feathered monstrosity and fabulous red lipstick. man. i think we sounded great. my wits deserted me at the start of rain king, but we laughed it off, and rain king–>drag queen at the end, which people loved, and which fulfills our “change some words to a song” requirement, right? haha. fun stuff. tako sushi (2nd time in a week, with andeja and alan, to boot) with those two and rwclark and paul and mbarrien and plish and lemmingsolution. then 5 of us (r a a m j) rented raising arizona which was HILARIOUS! and ate angela’s ice cream. HILARIOUS!!

saturday–went home to sj in the “morning,” sat around in my house, braided and bunned and beaded and flowered annie’s hair, and watched her wushu performance. it was fun and kids are cute, especially the little seven-year-old-girl who had such a look of intense concentration on her face, and whose little arms were straight and sure. every time i watch people successfully pulling off butterflies, i want to do wushu. no, judy! no! you’ve tried! so! many! times! already! you! have! no! time! when my sister hits the pose she makes it look really nice. her motions are a bit too fluid though–she needs to hit her moves harder. you know, like snap into her motions more. if there’s anything i learned from cheerleading it was to hit your moves. ha! my favorite weapon is the spear. the kids’ parents create drama and politics and it seems quite awful, but what do you expect from a bunch of COMPETITIVE chinese anal-rententive parents? i mean really.

my piano teacher, mrs. rae, is letting her students go. mrs. rae was such a big part of my life.


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