who has an axe to grind?

delete “iamatunasandwich” because i chose “juddietunafish” instead.

i cannot decide if “starcnomics,” using starcraft phrases to teach english, or the jay chou song is the best: http://www.blizzard.com/insider/017/overseasmerchandise.shtml

itunes is nice. i bought hotel paper (michelle branch) on a whim. the download was fast–i didn’t clock it officially, but the thirteen tracks completed download well within the timespan it took to play three songs on a radio station (in itunes). i’m going to make use of the radio. if i were a millionaire i would make an internet radio station for college a cappella! why hasn’t somebody else? because nobody would listen to it? i like that if you sort by “album” it’s smart enough to sort the song tracks by track number. i don’t like that the default system to save files is by artist folder, album folder, track number and song title filename. i’ve always preferred to have everything in the filename.

things inconsequential.

father dick said to me, calm down. being perturbed isn’t going to get you anywhere. ok. upon self-reflection, neither is being overapolagetic for “things that i might think other people might think are my flaws.” haha. hang-ups galore.

what a fantabulous invention we got to play with today: http://www.singeasykaraoke.com/ezkrok/


  1. Speaking of Blizzard overseas merchandise, we just got a shipment of WarIII mousepads from Korea! You want? I’ll save a Night Elf one for ya. =)

    and that Jay Chou Warcraft song is outta this world! except I can’t understand much of it so I don’t really see the connection to Warcraft… Either he sings too fast or my Chinese is too bad. All I got was “Let us ” in the chorus.

    1. wow! yeah! thanks georb!!!!

      i think jay chou’s singing/rapping in taiwanese. hahaha. so it turns out that my roommate already had the video (she has some chinese/taiwanese music videos/songs) and i saw it and yeah, it has lots of cutscenes from the cinematics. you want?

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