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today during uchorus when the guys joined us for rehearsal the girls got out of their seats, because the guys go between the altos and sopranos. instead of getting up and leaving the chairs where they were, everyone started dragging the chair they had been sitting on and moving it towards the outside, and letting the guys bring their own chairs and refill the line in th emiddle. a better solution woudl have been for the people to relocate, leaving the chairs in the middle, and adding chairs to the ends of the lines, because the way people ended up doing it, the lines got all skewed and plus it’s more work: you have to move two chairs for every one chair with the “add charis to the ends” way. so i was trying to tell people to leave their chairs where they were but nobody was listening, and the lady sitting next to me smiled and said “haha, they need a leader. [beat.] are you the oldest sister?”

it’s so true. so we had a nice miniconversation. =) i am coming to grips with “sometimes, it is all right to be imperfect. of course not all the time, but sometimes. because we are. so get on with your life” and acknowledging such to myself.


  1. I just go where people tell me. If people say, “Budge your chair over a bit,” I will do so. And I relocate well too, as evidenced during the middle of the rehearsal. 😉

    I think, of course, that the other point to this was that the guys had to carry their own chairs, and the girls didn’t have to carry any. *grin*

    1. hehe. well, the girls _did_ have to carry some chairs in the beginning of rehearsal… (how do the usual occupants of the choral rehearsal hall feel about moving the chairs around so much?… and i miss hertz hall!!)

      relocation–was it because you were standing up?

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