optical illusions

optical illusions. yay newsdog!

my brother (12:17:39 AM): DAMN
my brother (12:17:46 AM): “the music” really works!
my brother (12:17:50 AM): hella crazy
my brother (12:17:54 AM): !!!
me (12:18:08 AM): hahahaha
me (12:18:10 AM): yeah seriously!
my brother (12:18:20 AM): i’m like “waaagh!”


    1. as you can see around me, S-B-C.

      nono. you must put the cherry in front of you, put the carrot-mirage in front of the cherry, and when the cherry is not looking, PACK IT, quickly!

    1. yeah!

      do you know how long i stared at that one? i still don’t believe it… but i do, of course, because they say so, and after all they are scientists… it’s just that… i don’t. you know. i sat in front of my monitor covering up the rest of the board with my hands and they still looked like different shades of grey =)

      1. Re: yeah!

        Actually yeah it looked so ridiculous that my officemate and I actually opened the image up in the GIMP (like Photoshop) and compared the colors… yep they’re exactly the same. Insane!

      2. Re: yeah!

        omg that is blowing my mind! It really wasn’t at all believable that those were the same color, but I covered the rest of the image up with random windows and they do look like the same color! Holy crap. But when I removed the windows they looked different again to the point of disbelief (again).

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