the joys of speaking on the phone with ryan part one

ryan: the vice president of marketing is giving the keynote at macworld
judy: macworld is going to be latino?
ryan: keynote speech.
judy: a latino speech?
ryan: i told you about the big fight between apple and the organizers of macworld, right? how the organizers of it wanted to move it to boston, but steve jobs didn’t want it to move to boston? so now, instead of steve jobs, the vice president is going to give the big speech there.
judy: in spanish?
ryan: what?????


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  1. hahahahhahahahaha

    this happened way back in high school:

    friend: Hey George, we didn’t do so hot in our performance today
    me: yeah, we sure didn’t
    friend: we should practice more.
    me: cactus war??

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