ryangiraffe (10:08:13 PM): did you know it takes one mature maple tree to produce 4 cups of maple syrup?

ryangiraffe (10:24:30 PM): the swiss consume about 22 pounds of chocolate a year per person
ryangiraffe (10:24:37 PM): 1 ounce per day
ryangiraffe (10:25:02 PM): americans consume only 14 pounds per year

suesdanig (10:35:28 PM): omg
suesdanig (10:35:31 PM): the word nemore
suesdanig (10:35:36 PM): it has the name NEMO in it
suesdanig (10:35:38 PM): NEMOre

suesdanig (10:57:42 PM): How to kill a kid’s excitement:

A company that manufactures equipment used to process sewage issued a press release Thursday warning that drain pipes do lead to the ocean — eventually — but first the fluid goes through powerful machines that “shred solids into tiny particles.”

“In truth, no one would ever find Nemo and the movie would be called ‘Grinding Nemo,”‘ wrote the JWC Environmental company, which makes the trademarked “Muffin Monster” shredding pumps.

In the unlikely event Nemo survived the deadly machines, the company added, he would probably be killed by the chlorine disinfection.

you might notice that this was posted at 10:42pm. however, the last aim from sues was timestamped 10:57. what is going on, you ask? I TRAVELLED IN TIME


    1. wow!! four times??!? i don’t think i’ve ever watched a movie more than once in the theaters. not even titanic. (this ought to spur many people to tell stories like, “so i knew this guy whose friend’s sister went to see titanic FOURTEEN TIMES in the theater, all in TWO DAYS!!!!” … or better yet, “i went to see titanic FOURTEEN TIMES in the theater, all in TWO DAYS!!!” …)

    1. so it’s NOT a “WORD,” but you get the gist of it. you stupid elitist crossword freak. who needs your kind anyway. i mean neway. BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

      i feel like i haven’t seen you for so long

      1. You’ll be eating your words when you read your kids or little sister write in an essay:
        “i don’t <3 the qt nemore b/c when i told him, "99", he lol."

        mmm. delicious words.

        1. maH kyoOte bAybIe swEeteh s1s wudDnt tYp lYk daT, muthA. n aH’m soRriEz, uR meTa4 boUt “eEtin wUrdZ” wuZz 2 soFistycaiteD 4 mah stOoHpid lil bRaNe… k? peaCe oUt to mAh peEpZ, aH gotSa jeTT… ttYl kIT O.O ^_~ daT’s a w1nk btw roflmao

          1. Ha Ha Ha! is O.O you with glasses on or you in anime? I used to sign e-mails with =:}~< to represent Deja. I know! let's have an endless conversation right here! So, when do you want to give me your arrangement?

          2. wait a minute. = is ears, : is eyes, } is Deja’s mouth, ~ is his (uh, her?) body, and < is… two tails?

            O.O is … nothing, i never had a thing for myself. i plead guilty to using ^_~ as a wink though. ah the days…

            arrangement… oh yeah… heh.. heh… well i just have to print it out. i’ll be back in berkeley by tomorrow. heh … heh …

  1. I wanna time travel too! And I mean in the sense of going back in time, as opposed to merely violating rules of time/space, i.e., it’d be a lot cooler than those town portal scrolls.

    1. word up dawg.

      are you gonna get frozen throne?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! did you get the latest update?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?! now you can double click town portal scrolls…

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