so much warcraft…

today, we went to the beach. connie asked me where, and i said “i forgot the name of it, but it’s a little city that starts with an M. and it’s after SF, near pacifica…” hehe. it’s called montara. there were at least four beach places along highway 1 between pacifica and montara… it was nice. we made a sand “castle,” which was more like a sand collection-of-pyramids, and a large moat and a ditch in front of it to catch the water. these water-catching devices worked pretty well, until we were all done with our work of art and ryan ran back to the car to get his camera. i stood there and watched the tide come in, wave by destructive wave. oh well. =) it was kinda cool watching the waves totally level our city. and when we left, the big pyramid in the middle was still standing tall. its edges were rounded, but it was still recognizably triangular, and a mini-cliff formed at the back where the water swelled around in the moat and hit it. (the fish wade through black jade… i was looking at the cliffs at the beach and thinking “ah, hatchet strokes on the defiant edifice”) hee. the sand there is rough and big, but your feet get used to it after a while. the water was sooo cold. beaches are nice. it wasn’t too crowded either–there were plenty of people there, but not so many that it got clausterphobic. lots of dogs. dog poo = bad. and a little clear jellyfish that got washed up on the beach; i prodded it with a piece of a shell… and these weird pieces of “plastic” that weren’t really plastic that didn’t look like they were man made but didn’t really look natural either… weird. innards of mussel shells?

then we ate at cha-ya. dude, that place is so good. i ordered way too much food and now deep-fried vegetables and sukiyaki are sitting in my fridge. everybody must eat their dengaku (spelling?!) which is eggplant, portobello mushroom and tofu with special miso sauce. the sauce is to die for. and then, there resumed the warcraft playing. i pounded ryan swiftly 3 times, and then he pounded me. i always play night elf now, and ryan’s tried to beat me with human, orc and undead… he used to never beat me, except a few times with the undead (apparenly, i can’t win against undead. i like to say that it’s because they’re so ugly, every time they come on my screen i get paralyzed with disgust and it distracts me… hahahaa). but yeah, today he beat me with orc! it took an hour and twenty minutes, but yeah… hehee. it seems that against ryan, whenever i lose it’s because i get to the population cap–and then when i get attacked, i throw my entire army at him but he still manages to slaughter them all without even breaking a sweat. why is this? mismanagement of my forces? am i choosing the wrong units to produce? maybe i have too many wisps? ah, the questions.

ryan is moving away. tomorrow. great sadness. (especially about the fact that this means no more lan games, at least until the updated 15” comes out and he comes to visit. so, i shall convince him to get a copy of it so we can play on however, i don’t know how to get past the gaia firewall… once i tried playing a custom game with andymancp over and it didn’t work… well, we’ll see)

the moral of this post is: everybody get laptops and come play warcraft with me. =)

it will be sad with you far away.


  1. Warcraft

    I will probably not be very good at Warcraft II, having never played a network game, and only having made it through four or so missions before I left for Scotland, but I’ll try to come play with you. Of course, I dunno if my laptop can handle it, either…

    So basically, I totally suck.

  2. Warcraft III Expansion comes out this Tuesday! You want? I can get you one super cheap. If you want to convince Ryan to get a copy, tell them that we’re one of the only game companies that supports SIMULTANEOUS release on PC and Mac. If that doesn’t work, you could always try enticing him with “what if I give you three dollars?” “how much?” “thr.. four dollars”

  3. those plastic things are dead jellyfish. I learned about them in marin. They have little sails to catcht he wind, but in summer the wind blows them the wrong way, onto the beach.

    1. they were so little. wait, what? sails to catch the wind? so they don’t spend all their time deep deep underwater? the plastic things were these little striped ovals that had three parts… i’m not quite sure how to describe what i mean. weird weird weird.

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