you will be sorry one day yes you will yes you will

MBarrien1 (12:45:26 AM): Holy crap… you got 3 more people to add you on buddyzoo…
MBarrien1 (12:45:46 AM): Yeah, I’m paying attention to this more than you are 🙂
juddietuna (12:45:46 AM): hahahaha
MBarrien1 (12:45:56 AM): You’re #54 now.
juddietuna (12:46:09 AM): WOW
juddietuna (12:46:17 AM): the last time i checked, i was #70 or something

Your popularity score: 43. This is the number of members who have you on their lists.

Popularity ranking: 54 (percentile: 99.999).

53 people are more popular, 4026128 are less popular, 2 are equally popular.

BuddyRank score: 3.48

BuddyRank ranking: 602

hahahahahahahahaha holy crap that’s kinda scary. =) i’m going to go to professor wagner’s office hours and ask him if finding cliques is really np like jenny said. maybe before that i’ll read that thing in the lecture notes under the heading “cliques”

short meaningless posts are FUN!!!


  1. Already out of date

    Hey, it’s Mike….

    Actually, this is already out of date. You got 6 more people since that time, and are now ranked #40.

    Judy for president!

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