lemmingsolutions (1:27:57 PM): hey judy!
lemmingsolutions (1:28:06 PM): i have a quiz to add to your many quizzes:
lemmingsolutions (1:28:09 PM): http://www-personal.umich.edu/~rorder/animaniquiz.html
juddietuna (1:28:17 PM): yay!

Which Animaniacs Character are You?
“You are inquisitive to the point of getting trampled, run over, and blinded, on a daily basis. “
“It could be due to your scientific nature. You long to learn how things work.”
“Because you really like to know things, but are prone to getting hurt.”
“Because, if it wasn’t for others generally taking the fall for you, you might well be dead by now! Remember, curiosity is great, but it also killed the cat. Well, in this case, the dog, Buttons, would probably be more appropriate.”
“Okay, lady, I love you, bu-bye!”

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