on saturday, my dad brought up my bike. he also brought up several things from price club: 18 bowls of “kimchee noodles,” a box of “oatmeal crisps,” a bag of apples, a bag of plums, and a bag of these “energy bars” that are rather like bagels–nuts, raisins, etc. i have to keep reminding myself NOT to buy snacks to eat when i’m out traipsing around campus.

on saturday, i bought 2 tubes, chain lubrication, tire levers, patches, and a D-lock, and i know that D-locks are actually called U-locks, but i don’t care and i will continue to call it a D-lock because they look like a D when they’re locked, not a U! a lock that looked like a U when locked would be totally useless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so anyway i tried to change the tire and i couldn’t do it.

on sunday, ryan came and helped me get the front tire off. it was a quick-release one. i don’t know why it woudln’t come off when i was doing it by myself. sigh. so we got it fixed and everything, and i discovered that i already have tire levers in this little toolkit my dad put on my bike. jenny, do you want a tire lever? anybody want a tire lever? maybe my family will too. so yeah. we put air in ryan’s tires and oil on his chains too and then we went on a BIKE RIDE (after i bought a helmet and a light at the missing link my helmet is the cheapest bell one. it is yellow and happy. i like.) !!!!!!! i had to readjust my seat several inches up because that’s how much i’ve grown since last i rode it–i last rode it what, 6 years ago? hahaha… we managed to get up to the berkeley rose garden (in which there were no roses, but that’s ok). ryan would ride up ahead, turn around, go “where’s judy?!” and see me at the bottom of the hill, panting and walking my bike up. hahahaha. “you’re so weak!” so anyway. he said “hey let’s go to tilden!!!” and i was like “ok….” if we actually rode all the way up to tilden, i would have been a very unhappy tuna. fortunately, a 65 came by and we got on it. we rode around in tilden for a while, walked around a lake and in some mud (there were three generations of a chinese family ahead of us and the toddlers were crying and wailing. i taught ryan how to say “so much mud!” in chinese, but he wouldn’t go up to the kids and say that. haha) and yeah. we watched a woman throw a tennis ball into the lake for her dog to swim out and retrieve and eventually we could hear him gasping for breath as he swam ever farther and farther out. la la la. it was nice. the weather was great. and riding down the hill from tilden was terrific! whee!! zzziip!!! and then we went to elephant pharmacy where everything was green and white and i bought soy milk and we both got some fruit leather (mm, cherry) and yes, that was the end of our excursions.

then i read at the 10pm mass and yeah. today i wrote a paper and turned it in 35 minutes late. hahahaahahaa. macbeth’s tomorrow speech. how did yours turn out cinds?

i’m in a movement dance that angela (lynbrook angela, not decadence angela) is choreographing. it is fun. where were you today hsiao? i was late because i was watching a stupid movie with susan and lost track of time. bad judy. horray stupid movies. some guy dated two girls at the same time and they eventually found out, bla bla bla.

ah, remind me to go to the office and get the super-duper new vaccuum cleaner tomorrow.


  1. My paper was an extremely agonizing ordeal. The dissecting of the passage was easy. I had a bunch of themes and a bunch of patterns. Ok, but Booth wants us to “avoid relating the themes and structures and how it says something about Macbeth, Macbeth, or the speech as a whole. I’ve spent my whole English career here learning HOW to do that, and I can finally do that well!

    So my paper was gray. I wasn’t sure what he wanted. I felt it was stupid to just identify all all the “f” sounds and “t” sounds and alliterations. And I tried imagining Booth reading it in class as one of his lectures. Oh well. What’s done is done. I still feel better about this paper than about my 176 one though. At least that’s a good thing.

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