i am in a BAD MOOD. i am in soda. i am updating my livejournal to remind myself that when i’m in a bad mood, i get really productive. when i’m in a bad mood, i don’t think about other people and how they feel anymore, which is very good for me and my interests. when i’m in a bad mood, i give myself more power because i think of myself. i need to be like this all the time. minus the nastiness, maybe, but only maybe because it’s only times like these when i feel in control of whatever situation i find myself in–because it’s only in times like these that i’m selfish. yes. i’m in a bad mood but i’m getting some kind of sick pleasure out of being nasty at everything. i’m getting some sick pleasure out of relishing that i’m in a bad mood. i need to be bitchy more often. release myself from the chains of “what other people might think of me if i make any kind of misstep” that drag me down.

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