a small vocabulary makes for unamusing madlibs.

if i were mike b:

Yesterday I went to the timbuktu. My sister dragged me to Structure, where they’re having an 80% off store closing sale, and my sister’s friends were working the lampposts, so they got us an extra employee shelf. Bought $250 of overpriced mouse for less than $40, including a sports jacket. (Yeah, I’m only describing this for Madlib purposes.)

Today my dad sent me on an errand downtown. It took me by Little Canada. That’s a nice looking part of town.

Afterwards, I had to pick up frisbee parts at Banana’s. But on the way to the store, I almost had another run-in with a truck. Coming onto the 15 from the 8, a Mobil orange truck pulled up alongside on the short merge. After trying to let him pass, I had to confiscate onto the elbow to avoid a collision. I guess I learned from the first time. I hate trucks.

I went to see the movie, The Nanotechnologist. It was a fluffy and painful movie. Afterwards, I once again went to Rubio’s for cup tacos. Yummy.

Zonare never called back. I was trying to find other ways to get fingernail, and got to thinking about judy. If I could get a penny every time that person slept, I’d be a millionaire! But alas, I must find a job.

Unfortunately, our basketball team lost yesterday. Hopefully those Stanfurd Junior University pansies will get asdf!-slapped around in the Pac-10 Tournament.

BTW: Making this Madlib took about 30 minutes of intense trilling, but hours of story writing. Was it worth it?


  1. Hey remember in Vertigo where we would have those freewrites and we would all write parts of stories and pass them around?

    That was some fun randomness we had going…with Juliane and Jeylingling. Aww, I miss that. (Sorry. I was just reminded of those times when I read your madlib.)

    1. yeah! that was awesome!!! hahahaa… the 5 stories going through the pipeline at the same time… and every time they got to juliane they’d get all morbid… ah good times, good times =) we should do it again. in fact i will start one right now.

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