we procrastinate.

Jennnykins (10:36:16 PM): AHH
juddietuna (10:36:18 PM): AHHH??
Jennnykins (10:36:24 PM): i just spilled cinnamon graham cracker crumbs
Jennnykins (10:36:30 PM): into my poetry book
juddietuna (10:36:33 PM): AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
juddietuna (10:36:43 PM): the poetry book says “yum yum, thanks”
juddietuna (10:36:48 PM): except it doesn’t say that
juddietuna (10:36:51 PM): it says:
Jennnykins (10:37:12 PM): I have been one acquainted with the night.
Jennnykins (10:37:18 PM): I have walked out in rain — and back in rain.
Jennnykins (10:37:25 PM): I have outwalked the furthest city light.
juddietuna (10:38:37 PM): judy makes poem
about cinnamon crackers
she will not succeed.
Jennnykins (10:38:46 PM): hehehehehehehehe!!
Jennnykins (10:38:54 PM): this statement is false.
juddietuna (10:39:00 PM): haehehaeheheahe =)
Jennnykins (10:39:28 PM): cinnamon crackers!!
juddietuna (10:39:45 PM): oops

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  1. c’mon now!

    Someone post a comment! i’m interesting! someone has something to say about me!

    p.s. the image that i chose… isn’t that the guy on the cover of hgttg? cool!

    p.p.s. you cut off the bit where i gush about cinnamon crackers.

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