wow, i just downloaded “semagic” and it’s a lot fancier-looking than the original default livejournal client i had. hehe.

compaq armada news:

  • cdrom: dad popped it out, took it to work, popped it into his computer, verified that it didn’t work, brought back a dvd drive to test my docking station, it works. dvdrom on loan inside my computer. but now that i can boot from a cd…
  • virus: eradicated. ran a symantec tool, thought it was gone, but .emls still popped up. was pissed. raymond ran a mcaffee tool. gone. happy. backed stuff up on the server. decided to redo the os because a few programs didn’t load.
  • windows xp: reinstalled it, using ray’s legit cd. unfortunately it was installed on another computer already, and ray told the nice microsoft man on the phone when he kept asking him about it when ray called to get an activation code like xp told him to, and the nice microsoft man was like “you can’t do that bye” and hung up. ray got pissed. dad got pissed and said we should never have bought a copy and that we should have just downloaded stuff because at least then “they” could never find you, but once you buy a copy and register with them they’ll know where to find you and your name and address and stuff… funny. ugh. but i have this random microsoft mouse. my dad came home the other day and he’d bought an optical wheel mouse and i plugged it in. ooh, optical.
  • windows 2000: so i reformatted my computer and stuck windows 2000 server edition, which was lying around our house, on it. i partitioned off 4 gigs for…
  • red hat 8.0: downloaded the first three .iso files like all those sites that were returned by google after asking it for “install linux” said. burned them. stuck them in the computer. told it which partition i wanted it to live in. it partitioned that partition by itself (i wish i had paid more attention though. it gave itself 100 megs for boot and only uses 18 or so… ah well) and configured itself nicely and voila, linux. it was really easy. i have no idea what i’m doing. mike b helped me some. but after i played with it for a while it still doesn’t do what i want it to, namely uncompress gamesman.tar.Z … my dad said “it should come with compress… it’s there, i’m sure” and i was like nope, compress not installed, and i don’t know where to download it and i really don’t know waht i’m talking about, and i believe there is some way for it to get into my windows partition but i’m not sure how to make that happen, bla bla bla mount this, mount that, la la la… but it’s fun. of course the first application i used was gaim. hahahaa.

so there you have it. other happenings in my digital world:

  • my dad’s letting me borrow his sharp zaurus 5000, cuz he only uses it for the address book. (mm, that link doesn’t go to the one i’m using, but whatever, i don’t think the 5000 is on the sharp website anymore.)
  • my dad and sister finally decided on the olympus d-550 zoom after deliberating nonstop for a week, only to find that fry’s was out of stock. the guy said “we sold 500 cameras in the last week with very few returns… that’s a good camera, i’d definately recommend it” … so we went to “san jose camera video” only to find that they were out too. but if you buy it on or before dec 31 2002 you get a free 64mb smartmedia card so Dad/Annie ordered one and they are going to call us when it gets here.


next to me, my brother is playing simcity 3000 and my sister is playing simcity 2000…. hahahaaa. of course i have much more to say about christmas and books and stuff, but doris is coming to get me. =)

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