windows xp tweak: make the “status bar” appear in new windows of internet explorer.
1. with only one instance of ie open, make sure that “status bar” is checked in the “view” menu.
2. click the “close window button” while holding down ctrl.
3. with only one instance of explorer (not internet explorer) open, make sure that “status bar” is checked on the “view” menu.
4. in the view menu, go to “folder options” and then go to the “view” tab and click “apply to all folders”
5. ctrl+click it closed

and voila, whenever you ctrl+n in ie THE NEW WINDOW WILL HAVE A STATUS BAR, HALLELUJAH!

yes it’s virtually useless but it makes me a lot happier because i don’t have to do it manually each time and i like to see what i’m clicking to when i’m following a link.

my brother gave me the above solution. my brother also told me about xp powertoys, which are equally as useless. well, at least the “tweak” one let me get back into the user “administrator” after creating another one. who needs this all user shit anyway. and i downloaded the alt+tab switcher that gives you a preview of what window you’re switching to as you’re hitting alt+tab, but it took up so much memory that windows told me “hey i’m going to increase your page size” and that made my computer unbearably slow, so i uninstalled it. and now i don’t know how to make my page size back to normal. it’s still kinda slow.

useful: ctrl+click “close window” will close ALL INSTANCES of that application YAY.

it’s been raining a lot.

NOBODY HAS COME TO DO ANYFUCKINGTHING ABOUT OUR ROOM. i swear the dampness is expanding through the carpet. and did i mention that it smells bad? i’m going to pay good ol’ cara a nice little visit in their nice roof office at 9am today. and they had BETTER change our carpet, at the VERY least.

i like candles.

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