Da2fInEmAn (7:40:17 PM): Human: What is your shoe size?
Dr. Tomabechi: Have you ever heard of software with shoes? Human: What color shoes are you wearing?
Dr. Tomabechi: Red
juddietuna (7:40:24 PM): HAHAHAHA
juddietuna (7:40:31 PM): excellent
Da2fInEmAn (7:40:43 PM): yes…i am the mighty bot fooler!!

the few, the proud.

oh, i remember that shirt that i saw on someone walking by me down durant a few months ago. it said “repentium III” and “christ inside” complete with the logo and swooshy things… funny.

today i met with father peter for our final “end of SMT-er” meeting.

tomorrow at 8 i have hist132b final. friday at 1230 is math53, and also the english166/3 paper ugh, so i have to turn that in friday morning or die. and the wed after that is hist127ac at 1230.


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