today we celebrated moo’s birthday, which is really on ?????????????? CRAPNUTS! WHEN IS HER BDAY?!

krista and serena (and to some degree adam) made this really elaborate scheme to keep steph in the dark about their secret plans to surprise her. they rigged up a whole bunch of random reasons and excuses to take her to sf and eat. unfortunately, someone told her by accident earlier today… but oh well, it was fun anyway. we went to this place in sf on howard street called “boca” (of course, i thought of the best of college a cappella compilation cd) and it was this quirky italian place that was mega-crowded and had many funny framed pictures on the walls of nuns and the pope and kids in italian streets and italian movie and athletic stars and stuff. my favorite was this couple kissing on a wall with spires in the background. we ate downstairs. we were 9. we only ordered 4 dishes and had way plenty left over because the portions are GIGANTIC. the clam linguini was spicy (which surprised us). the spaghetti came with only one meatball, but it was a very very large meatball. the 8 mannicetti things (spelling?) were really good–we could barely finish them. (i crammed the last three bites of mine into my mouth as we left…. very ladylike, i’m sure.) i seem to have forgotten whan the last dish was. hmmmm. anyway. the conversation during dinner was full of amusement at krista and serena’s big failed plan to surprise moosteph. i’ve missed these girls. krista says we’ve been missing out on the steph-serena fights, which are even more dramatic now then they were before. they have one of those intense friendships where you know they’re very close. at the end of the night the waiter guy (who was pretty cool. before moo arrived he saw my “flyer” proclaiming happy 21st birthday to moo and he asked who moo was and why we called her that…
-well, it’s because she’s from st louis.
-what does that have anything to do with anything?
-it doesn’t.
-well, we make fun of her because there’s nothing in the midwest.
-i’m from the midwest.
-uhh, i’ll have lemonade then…
by the way, the lemonade was good. steph (our steph, naning) agrees with me. anyway so the waiter brought out this big candleholder thing with five red tall candlesticks in it and we sang happy birthday to moo as happily as any raucous reunited group of friends sings happy birthday to one of their cows.

then we drove to ghiradelli square and ate an earthquake, which is somewhat of an 8d26/24 tradition. the only times i’ve gone to ghiradelli square have been with 8d26/24. the earthquake is 8 scoops of ice cream and several toppings and a whole lot of whipped cream. i ate a lot of the cherries. i tied a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue. aren’t i talented? i hope moo had fun.

then kenji (who wasn’t at the dinner) surprised her when we got back to berkeleyan with an ice cream cake. of course by this point those of us who went out to eat were totally stuffed. but it was cool. i got to see their apartments! and i found out that donna lives next door to adam/kenji! small world indeed. so we chatted and teased each other and steph and kenji showed me their new walkie-talkies and it was great. and then i came home and spent a really long time making this rose thing. but before that i hung out with joan a bit on the roof. i like our roof. i should spend more time there.

actually i just looked at the clock and was shocked because i thought it was only 1:30 or so.

dude this 15-year old girl at www.yukopiano.com is FREAKISHLY good at piano. and ken’s profile proclaims that he’s in love with her? oh ken.


    1. yes. the servings are GIGANTIC. the menu was on the wall which amused us greatly because we were like “we can’t see it” because were were sitting on the wall. there were many pictures of the pope (there was one cool one that was 3-d) but i dunno about a pope room… i didn’t get to see that… cool =)

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