my birthday was last week. last tuesday. oct 22. i turned 20 at 3:10… or 5:10?… pm, rhode island time.

well, the saturday before, my family came up and we abducted ryan and we ate at the great china. i do believe i STILL have one box of leftovers from that. my parents dropped off a whole bunch of stuff (food… clothes… food) and a big magic! he’s white and winged and has sparkly fur. annie has one too.

on tuesday, at lunch i met up with angela, whose bday is the same as mine, and cindy, and we ate at that new thai place on oxford and bancroft. it was pretty good.

elanor made cupcakes for decadence! it was awesome =)

my roommates joan and susan and steph cooked dinner at around 9:30 (after decadence). chicken adobo, tofu curry w/ shrimp, stir fry (vegetarian, thank you price club). they got two ben & jerry’s cakes–one was phish food!–and those were soon devoured by us 305ers, ryan, jenny, alan, sandy, moo, and serena.

thanks for the lip gloss and the cupcakes and the food and the picture frame and the tickets. and for making me feel loved.

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