KRDogstar (12:09:51 PM): hey juddie
juddietuna (12:09:56 PM): hiiiii
KRDogstar (12:09:59 PM): lan and i were talking about american idol
juddietuna (12:10:03 PM): HAHAHA
KRDogstar (12:10:07 PM): and she says: “you should’ve entered judy!”
juddietuna (12:10:21 PM): i just ran into this guy stuart that lived in foothill freshman year
KRDogstar (12:10:23 PM): and i say: “i know!! that could be her on tv!!”
juddietuna (12:10:32 PM): and he’s tried out for that other one before
KRDogstar (12:10:37 PM): what other one?
juddietuna (12:10:43 PM): the other one
juddietuna (12:10:46 PM): the pop stuff
juddietuna (12:10:47 PM): pop stars?
juddietuna (12:12:30 PM): yeah
KRDogstar (12:12:34 PM): ohh
KRDogstar (12:12:38 PM): wow really?
juddietuna (12:12:51 PM): and he was ilke “hey did you watch american idol?” and i was like “actually no” and he was ike “WHAT?! OF ALL PEOPLE, I THOUGHT YOU’D BE MOST INTO IT… WHY DIDN’T YOU TRY OUT?!”
juddietuna (12:12:55 PM): so he’s trying out for next season
juddietuna (12:12:57 PM): nov 20
juddietuna (12:13:02 PM): i’ll go too HAHAHAHAHA yeah right
KRDogstar (12:13:31 PM): you should totally go try out!
KRDogstar (12:13:36 PM): just for fun!
KRDogstar (12:13:48 PM): and who knows, you might be on mtv next year, “making the video”
juddietuna (12:13:49 PM): i didn’t even watch the first season, i don’t really know what it’s about
juddietuna (12:13:50 PM): HAHAHA
KRDogstar (12:13:58 PM): hahaha yeah i didn’t watch american idol until the last show
KRDogstar (12:14:01 PM): because lan made me watch
juddietuna (12:14:03 PM): hahaha
KRDogstar (12:14:08 PM): and i think the whole idea is pretty stupid
KRDogstar (12:14:11 PM): but this girl can actually sing
juddietuna (12:14:26 PM): hehe
KRDogstar (12:14:32 PM): and she can sing a lot better than most people in music right now
juddietuna (12:14:37 PM): ooh
KRDogstar (12:14:39 PM): those two idiot hosts said something like
KRDogstar (12:14:52 PM): “well britain gave us bands like the beatles…
KRDogstar (12:14:57 PM): we gave them bands like.. nsync!”
juddietuna (12:15:01 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHA
KRDogstar (12:15:04 PM): god they’re dumber than hair!

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