today is september 11, 2002. the campanile tolled the usual 12 times at noon today, and a full minute of silence was supposed to follow, as indicated in an email from chancellor berdahl (or berdhal?). i was sitting out on memorial glade with ryan by this time, and lots of people were talking and bustling around. the air was punctuated with a few “oh my god!” and “i was sooooo…” but then the campanile started tolling again, and everybody got really quiet. a group of people came out of doe library and stood on the white steps there. another group of students grouped together, standing still, on the little triangle of grass between doe and memorial pool. i think it tolled slowly sadly 19 times; what that signifies i do not know. people moved along the little cement path between doe and the glade like ants, like normal, pouring back and forth. there was a pause after the last ring to see if it was the last, and then a girl walked by speaking really loudly on a cell phone, and a bus rolled by behind us, and yes, i am going to say “and it broke the spell” here. haha. it turned out that ryan and i had both wanted to go to the noon concert in hertz today (u chorus and chamber) but we forgot… that was kinda sad. so yeah, it was nice. the hustle and bustle didn’t really stop since people needed to get to class, but it was on everyone’s minds for a moment. and i don’t really know what i mean by “it” … i guess “it” == september 11, 2001 + airplanes + world trade center + world politics + al queda + terrorism + fear + patriotism + death and whatever else comes to mind. but i’m glad that everyone took some time to remember.

i think my only prof who remarked upon today being sept 11 was prof hollinger of history132b who went off on this small tangent about the difference between intellectual+journalistic discourse and the discourse of elected politicians, which was kinda funny. =)

that said, today’s just an ordinary day. we had crepes for lunch. yay northside. i got the ccn for game theory. i messed up and wreaked massive chaos in ballet today when we were doing across-the-floors for the first time, it was great =) i went to math in my leotard/sweats, and before that i saw some of the lynbrook crew (ellin andy mike mike plus kevin, but he can be honorary lynbrook by now, right?), and before that i got apple juice. la. and now i shall go swimming and eat and go to

amat’s at 13.69 and cmrc’s at 0.32 and hpq’s at 14.36 and my dad says “hey you should put your entire earnings from the summer into a charles schwab account, mutual funds are good for really really long-term investments!” and i read an article in sj mercury that said bear markets are great for young investors… so maybe i’ll look into that. does anyone know anything about mutual funds? i barely know what they are.

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