all bow down and worship elaine page

elaine page has the sweetest voice ever.

you know, when i was born, the musical cats had just come out and everybody was talking about it, and my parents tell me that one of my first experiences at the house in rhode island was in front of the tv, and i was crying, and the evening news showed a clip of elaine page singing “memory” and i quieted down and listened =) i like that song.

yeah so i was watching KTEH tonight and they had this rerun of this big andrew lloyd weber special that they had in beijing, so there was this chinese guy who sang a bunch of phantom and sunset blvd stuff and etc, i only got to see the latter part of it, and then at the end they all sang this half chinese half english song together–“yong yuen de pong yiou means friends forever, not just for a spring or summer,” la la la la!!! anyway. yes. andrew lloyd weber is cool.

i took my family and several of my second aunt’s family out for “jiou tsai” (“banquet”-ish dinner) tonight, to celebrate my first summer with a paycheck… hee hee heeee =) so that was the first time i ever put a really big meal on my credit card. well, the first time i put that much $ on my credit card i think. yeah, it was fun. so much about office politics, man. “you don’t want to be too high-profile because people will get jealous of you, especially if you’re high-profile early on… you want to be low-profile, but high-visibility” lalala

and i went hiking this morning in palo alto in this mostly deserted park (because it’s only open to palo alto residents and their guests, so we had to get palo alto residents to let us in…) … yeah, it was my family’s turn to organize the event (we always have august). about 20 people showed, which is pretty good. my mom was happy. go mom. i let myself get a little too windblown though and my head has been hurting since the afternoon…

watched lord of the rings between hiking and dinnering…

actually i’m really quite tired. i miss my giraffe. sleeping now. must wake up so early tomororw! two days left of work……… la!!!!!

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