yuukai (6:57:05 PM): art thou in berkeley?
juddietuna (6:57:09 PM): sadly, no
yuukai (6:57:30 PM): oh.
yuukai (6:57:40 PM): that is sad.
juddietuna (6:58:26 PM): verily i wish i were not oppressed ‘neath yonder tyrant
juddietuna (6:58:35 PM): which does prevent my state from being berkeley-bound
juddietuna (6:59:03 PM): for, though berkeley-bound i yearn to be, my form remains inanimate
yuukai (6:59:11 PM): hast said tyrant imprisoned thou?
yuukai (6:59:19 PM): and wherefore?
juddietuna (6:59:21 PM): indeed she has
juddietuna (6:59:49 PM): by the dalliance of the moon in sunlit sky, i know not
juddietuna (7:00:17 PM): but tomorrow is bike-fixing day
juddietuna (7:00:29 PM): and there are chores set aside for my perusal
yuukai (7:00:53 PM): o villainy.
juddietuna (7:00:58 PM): fending off the patch of wayward weeds near our sapling orange tree
yuukai (7:01:09 PM): my bike is fix’d!
juddietuna (7:01:20 PM): and overturning dishes under running water
yuukai (7:01:44 PM): i have heard of this task. it is most debasing.
juddietuna (7:01:59 PM): it is? o Joy! and Grace betwixt its spokes shall dance
juddietuna (7:02:36 PM): as turning and turning it–or he? or she?–bears for your feet your gentle form
yuukai (7:02:38 PM): and lo, my bike has been repair’d and all the spirits shall rejoice with order returned to the cosmos.
yuukai (7:03:18 PM): he, for the two-wheeled apparatus does go by the title Flaubert.
juddietuna (7:03:32 PM): ah yes! flaubert! thou hast told me of this some time hence
juddietuna (7:04:03 PM): yet i knew not if it was he being spoken of, for have you not another in st louis?
yuukai (7:04:39 PM): his midwestern forerunner did answer to Dr. Bones, as his predecessor to Gerard did respond.
juddietuna (7:05:14 PM): order in the cosmos–it does portend good things to come, as some form of vocal excersise this evening?
juddietuna (7:05:35 PM): wonderfully spoken and as wonderfully named
yuukai (7:06:33 PM): fare thee well…
juddietuna (7:09:34 PM): i must beg my leave of you, lady eljbietka, for the rays of the sun do slant acutely against the leaves
juddietuna (7:09:45 PM): a good time i wish thee tonight
juddietuna (7:09:53 PM): give the others my sweetest greetings

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