i’ve been sick. i went home on friday and slept feverishly in my bed. on saturday i had a 103.2 degree fever and dr wong said i had bronchitis. so i went home and went back to sleep. i’m on an antibiotic, a decongestant (which is blue and tastes horrible and since i know it tastes horrible i try to swallow it faster which backfires of course) and a nasal spray. i was in bed all weekend sweating. i came back to berkeley sunday night. my intestines are way upset but i’m afraid to take immodium because i feel like i’m already on so much other medicine… even though dr wong says it doesn’t conflict with other stuff. i’m feeling terribly anxious. my history final went extremely poorly. i don’t know what the philosophy exam tomorrow morning is going to look like. and i’m terrified of math, which is on friday.

on a happier note, i had a great time with my favorite giraffe in the world yesterday. thank you ryan =) for everything.=) look, it’s almost been three weeks!

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