today in history discussion, we were talking about betty friedman’s the feminine mystique. we were discussing definitions of feminism, and the guy sitting next to me commented “yeah some feminist people think that one day it’s like, REALLY gonna be equal, like in the workplace, not just a few woman CEOs but actually 50% of the CEOs will be women–which seems totally unreasonable. like, that’s never gonna happen” and all i did was shoot him this totally incredulous look. i wish i weren’t so introverted when i haven’t done the reading/don’t know what i’m talking about. i wish i asked him why he thinks that “actual equality” between men and women will ever take place. haha. i could have incited a riot. ah well.

today i read for four hours in milano. i read two articles and that chapter in bell. YAHOOOOO! now all i have to do is start the paper. umm.

KRDogstar (10:48:32 PM): GET OFFLINE, JUDDIE!!!
juddie t u n a (10:48:35 PM): AHHH!!
KRDogstar (10:48:37 PM): STOP DILLY-DALLYING!!
juddie t u n a (10:48:50 PM): AHHH!
KRDogstar (10:51:50 PM): don’t make me come down there
KRDogstar (10:51:55 PM): and yank your skinny little butt from the computer seat
KRDogstar (10:52:06 PM): and sit you down on your sofa and shove your philosophy books in your face!
juddie t u n a (10:52:56 PM): AHH!!
KRDogstar (10:55:10 PM): Shoooooo!
juddie t u n a (10:55:47 PM): but i’m tirading in my livejournal
juddie t u n a (10:55:59 PM): AHHHHHH!!!!!!

i can’t live by measuring opportunity cost anymore. i don’t do anything because i’d rather be free to do something else if i so choose. but that doesn’t make sense because the end result is that i never do anything. but i like living in this world of opportunity cost. yes. superposition of mind states. “well if i eat at mandarin house, i can’t eat pizza! hmm i can set up an equation: A|mandarin house> + B|pizza> and see if |A|^2 > |B|^2 after 10^(-5) seconds and even though there will be a tail (when i multiply it by a gaussian waveform) in the

juddie t u n a (11:09:39 PM): yeah, it’s fun, i get to learn quantum mechanics without actually learning physics haha… i’m such a wannabe
infinitxloop (11:10:00 PM): hahaha nah
infinitxloop (11:10:12 PM): just think of it as *abstraction*

hahahaha i have NO CLUE what i’m talking about. NO CLUE. what do you say when you’re working at toys R us and someone asks you for their favorite board game but you’re out of stock? NO CLUE! what do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinocerous? eliphino! (get it? get it? “hell if i know?” get it? that took me so long to get…)

you know that story people talk about… “if you put a dog between two trays of equally good dog food, the dog will starve because she won’t know which to choose” ? yeah well that’s me. woof. woof. woof? *starves* *dies*

i like donuts. i like hot chocolate a lot. mmm hot chocolate.

MaceYoSelf (11:38:55 PM): geez
MaceYoSelf (11:38:58 PM): what do u do with your time?
juddie t u n a (11:39:07 PM): i stare at the wall
MaceYoSelf (11:39:24 PM): this guy on my floor says he out-stared his cat
MaceYoSelf (11:39:27 PM): took him 5 hours he claims


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  1. Feminists rule.

    It’s Betty Friedan, dear. 🙂 Have you read it? All women should. Part of my big paper on 1950s sexuality includes a discussion of Friedan because her book was written in direct response to sexual containment and the “traditional” gender roles that strangely reemerged in the 50s.
    -Kristin Anne

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