it is interesting to note that the time of my last post was 10:56am. how did this happen? i was supposed to be on the P bus by 10:45 to get to philosophy lecture at 11, hahahahaha. alas, i love my sister and hate AIM. =) ohhh here i go again, trying to blame other things for my own time mismanagement hehe

we ate a pie on the road back from anaheim. “european chocolate silk” or something. me, jackie, and miguel. father peter thinks we’re freaks. it’s great, dude. mm pie.

it is also interesting to note that I HAVE MATH HOOOOMEWORK! okay okay off i run.

i’ve heard it said that a man would swim the oceans
just to be with the one he loves
all of these dreams are an empty notion
it can never be done
well i’ve never swam the deepest ocean
but i’ve calmed the raging seas
just to be with you
i’d do anything
there’s no price i wouldn’t pay, no
just to be with you
i’d give everything
yes i’d give my life away
i’d give my life away yeah-ee-yah-ee yeahh
~third day. “love song”
third day is coming to san jo for a concert?!??!??!?! maybe??!?!! soon??!??! i want to go………………….

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