if there’s one thing hope i’ve shown you
hope i’ve shown you
just give love to all
~creed “lullaby” what a pretty pretty song

honest is easy
fiction is where genius lies
cuz it’s easier sometimes not to be involved
somehow i make you belieeeeeeve
when i speak i cross my fingers
will you know you’ve been decieved?
i find a need to be the demon
a demon cannot be hurt
~guster. “demons”

my favorite part of standing still (well… at least right now) is *soft guitar plucking* dooooo youuuuu love me? liiiiiike iiiiiiii loooove you or *everything kicks back in* AM I STANDING STILLLL… hehe and my other favorite part is still the electric guitar after “boys in their souped up coupes on this hot summer night” (bir nir nir nir nir naw).

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