lord of the rings

i watched it yesterday. legolas is beautiful. i was checking out my “friends” page and apparently doris agrees. i thought i was the only freak who thought so! haha today i look on my godsis’ AIM info and it says “legolas is soooo hot.” i talk about it while playing yahoo! graffiti, and melinda and i talk about him for like 10 minutes and neglect the player drawing. i ask angela about him and turns out she already knows his name (orlando bloom), his age (24), where he’s from (england), and the fact that he broke a rib during shooting from falling off his horse.

i suppose my taste IS the same as everybody else’s. and how yummy it is. www.orlandobloom.org and www.lordoftherings.net … been downloading wallpapers… =) here’s what i know now: he has a few tattoos (one in elvish), a dog named maude, he had a mohawk so he could fit on his wig for lotr… hmm in his pictures his eyes look a lot more mysterious than legolas’… i think i like him with very long hair, heeeeeeeeeeee. when he aims his bow!!! aaaah!!

okay stop judy. lord of the rings was very visually luscious (not just “hot boy”-wise or something). i perused the website for a really long time today–i feel inspired to go make a movie. i want to go into cinema: set design, costume design… acting… hahhaa. they made everything from scratch, by hand! can you believe it? to be transported to another world, to create other worlds… that’s fascinating! go to the site and look at the concept art! it’s beautiful!!! grassy hills, sunlight, forests, the elvin statues…….

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